About Princess Brooke

I am 22. My location is irrelevant until you’ve sent enough money for me to feel comfortable with “going there.”

My parents are both professionals. I do not come from a broken home. I do not fulfill most of the sex worker stereotypes. I believe this is a large reason as to why I am good at what I do and successfully manipulate you men without you feeling that dirty denigration of being manipulated. You feel proud to be cuckolded by someone of my caliber. There is a desire to know more. There is a desire to go deeper. There is a desire to be all mine.

I understand that there are many different types of cuckolds with many different types of limits. Not every cuckold is built the same.

Some cuckolds just want to be voyeurs and watch.

Some cuckolds want to be involved in the process of finding the dates.

Some cuckolds just want verbal humiliation from afar.

Some cuckolds want to get down and dirty with creampies and hands on cuckold filth.

It is my job to dazzle and wow you with my proficiency in handling each and every single type.

For my anonymity and yours, I prefer we stick to Niteflirt. I know other dommes who take cash in other “instant” manners, but I prefer my secrets staying my secrets and yours only being revealed if you are the type of man who wants them revealed. ANONYMITY and RESPECT for the PERSON outside of the fetish is tantamount to me.

I love money.

I repeat, I love money.

I am 100% greedy, but I do not and will not circumvent safety or anonymity for any pet no matter how much is dangled before me. If you want to do a gift outside of Niteflirt then an amazon gift card is always welcomed.

http://www.niteflirt.com/CuckoldCashPrincess is my niteflirt listing. Sign up. Explore my goodies. Explore my MP3s.