Cuckold Training with Brooke

First of all, do not let my age deter you. It doesn’t stop me. Young just means that I’ve got more years on this earth to be the decadent little pricktease that I am known to be. If you like girls that are down to earth, neurotypical, boring, or who want to be your best friend – then I am not the DOMME or BRAT for you.

There’s a reason for the cuckold relationship that you and I are going to share. That reason is because I am an elitist who deserves to be taken care of. I am a special sort of BRAT that deserves the love and adoration and COCK FUCKING that only a real, alpha male can provide.

Do not  get confused on this fact.  Do not delude yourself that you are somehow going to spend enough money and I am going to fall in love.


I am in love with the fetish. I am in love with you getting addicted. I am in love with being the BEST FUCKING BRAT on the internet providing cuckold material. Period. End of statement.


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